How to pack a self storage unit

Gather everything you need before you get started

Ensure you have all your supplies ready and in hand, before you get packing. You’ll need cardboard boxes, packaging accessories such as tape and marker pens and packing materials and protective equipment like bubble wrap and dust sheets or old blankets. Don’t forget a padlock, too, in order to secure your unit!

Choose the right boxes

When it comes to packing your unit, purchasing good quality cardboard boxes can help to keep your items secure. If you’re using second-hand ones, conduct a full inspection before you start packing to check for any damage, damp patches or missing flaps as this can make your boxes weaker and cause damage to your belongings. If you can, using the same sized boxes will make it much easier to stack them securely and avoid any toppling accidents.

Pack your boxes the right way

it might sound obvious, but ensuring your heavier items are at the bottom of your boxes, with your smaller and lighter things on top, will help to keep your belongings safe and avoid any damage, as well as allowing for better stability when stacking. Remember to make sure you can properly lift and move your boxes once they’re packed – there’s nothing worse than injuring yourself while trying to wrestle with a box you can’t move by yourself.

Categorise your belongings

While it might be easier to simply pack everything in together, organising your items into categories will save you time in the future when it comes to moving out, repacking boxes or just finding that specific item. The best way to do this is to separate your items depending on their location within your home or office, and then grouping similar items together.

Labelling is key

If you label your boxes as you pack and make a list of where everything is located, it will save you time and reduce stress when it comes to finding what you need. Label them with the following: the room the items belong in, the contents of the box and if there are any delicate or fragile items that may dictate where the box goes. Similarly, it’s a good idea to ensure your labels are clear to read and understand, and that, when you’re stacking items, they can be easily seen.